Is it a good idea to remortgage for home improvements?

couple remortgaging to improve their home

Your home is your comfort zone and sanctuary from the world, but it can also be a valuable investment in your future. In this article, we’ll explore the idea of remortgaging to fund home improvements – a strategic move that can not only improve your living space but also your long-term financial situation.

Remortgaging to pay for home improvements can have benefits over an unsecured home improvement loan, like lower interest rates and monthly payments. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. You must carefully consider your financial situation, affordability, and project plan before diving in.

If you are considering a home improvement project, remortgaging might be the key to turning those dreams into reality. Read on to discover more about remortgaging, equity release and home improvement loans to help you unlock the full potential of your home.

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Can remortgaging fund home improvements?

Absolutely! Many homeowners remortgage to fund renovations. Remortgaging allows you to tap into the value your property has accrued over time, giving you the means to undertake the renovations or upgrades you’ve been dreaming of.

How does a home improvement loan work?

Broadly, there are two types of home improvement loans: secured and unsecured.

When you remortgage to fund home renovations, you are essentially taking out a new mortgage, and your property serves as security for the loan, i.e. it is a ‘secured’ loan. The equity you have in your home, which is the difference between the property’s value and the remaining mortgage balance, is ‘released’ as a lump sum.

Another way to borrow money for renovations is with a personal loan. In contrast to a secured home improvement loan, it does not require collateral, making it more viable if there is limited equity in your home.

However, unsecured loans are based on the borrower’s creditworthiness alone, so they are considered higher risk by lenders. As a result, they carry higher interest rates and lower borrowing limits.

Can you borrow additional funds?

Additional borrowing is possible when you remortgage, but it’s important to talk through your plans with a mortgage adviser. At Bliss, we start by looking at your personal circumstances to see if borrowing more money on a mortgage is appropriate and affordable.

What are the benefits of remortgaging for home improvements?

Adding home improvement project costs to your mortgage is often the best option for various reasons, which we’ll look at now.

Access the equity in your home

Remortgaging allows you to access the equity you’ve built up in your home. This can be especially beneficial if you’ve owned your home for a long time or your property has recently increased in value. By unlocking this equity, you have access to a substantial pool of funds to invest in improving your living space.

Lower interest rates and monthly payments

A mortgage typically has lower interest rates than an unsecured home improvement loan, meaning more affordable monthly payments. So more often than not, remortgaging can make the financial burden of home improvements more manageable, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your upgraded home without breaking the bank.

Increasing your home value

Investing in your property not only enhances your living experience but can potentially boost its value. Whether it’s a modern kitchen, energy-efficient improvements or a well-designed extension, it can make your home more appealing to future buyers and contribute to its market value.

What should you consider before remortgaging?

Before diving into the remortgaging process, it’s crucial to consider a few key factors. At Bliss, we will make a thorough assessment of your personal circumstances to give you the best advice on funding your dream home improvement project.

Financial eligibility and affordability

Before approaching a mortgage lender, it’s essential to assess your financial situation to ensure you meet the criteria to release equity. This includes reviewing your credit score, income stability and existing mortgage terms to ensure you are eligible to remortgage and borrow extra money.

As with any remortgage, your income and outgoings will be assessed to ensure you can afford the monthly mortgage payments.

Your home improvement plan

It’s important to have a robust plan in place, as lenders may ask to see evidence of timeframes and costs. In addition to researching the professional requirements, like architects and building control, you should check if your proposed changes require planning permission. This is likely if you’re planning a structural change like an extension or loft conversion.

Additional costs

Don’t forget to factor in any additional costs of remortgaging. For example, it may be wise to wait until the end of your mortgage term to avoid any early repayment charges.

Other potential costs include legal fees for paperwork handling, valuation fees for property and mortgage broker fees. At Bliss Financial Solutions, this fee depends on your circumstances and the complexity of the loan, but you can rely on us to be upfront and transparent regarding our charges.

The amount of equity in your property

To determine the equity in your home, start by estimating the current market value through online tools or by consulting local estate agents. Next, subtract the outstanding balance on your current mortgage, which can be found on your latest mortgage statement or by contacting your lender.

Remember, equity is dynamic and subject to changes in property values and mortgage repayments. Bliss Financial Solutions can offer expert guidance on how much equity is in your home.

It’s important to understand that most lenders have a minimum equity threshold, meaning that you must retain a certain percentage of equity in your property when remortgaging, typically 10-15%.

How can Bliss Financial help you?

Remortgaging for home improvements can be a strategic and rewarding financial move, unlocking the untapped potential of your property. Bliss Financial Solutions is dedicated to making this process seamless and efficient, ensuring you receive the guidance and support needed.

We will take great care to assess your financial circumstances before providing our professional advice about whether remortgaging to fund home improvements is right for you.

With access to a wide range of mortgage products, we can help you find a solution that aligns with your project plan, monthly budget and future goals. We will stay with you every step of the way to ensure the remortgage process is as blissful as possible!

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Frequently asked questions about remortgaging to finance home improvements

Is it better to take out personal loans for minor home improvements?

Personal loans are unsecured and typically quicker to process than home equity loans, which can make them more convenient for smaller home improvements.

However, borrowing money on a personal loan is likely to have a shorter repayment period and higher interest rate, meaning larger monthly payments.

Can remortgaging reduce my monthly repayments?

Absolutely. Like any financial commitment, it pays to shop around for a competitive deal. Using an independent mortgage broker like Bliss Financial can help you find the best mortgage deal to help you save money.


Remortgaging for home improvements can be a strategic financial move, offering access to accumulated property equity and potentially lower interest rates. While it’s a viable option for many homeowners, careful consideration of your financial eligibility, project planning, and associated costs is crucial.

It’s wise to seek advice from a mortgage expert if you are considering releasing equity to pay for home improvements. Bliss Financial Solutions can guide you through the process, ensuring a seamless journey toward unlocking your property’s untapped potential.

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